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Africa Cities Summit 2015

The City of Johannesburg, South Africa’s economic hub, will be hosting the 7th Africities Summit of cities and local governments of Africa on 1–4 December 2015 at the Sandton Convention Centre. The summit is held every three years and looks at issues affecting urban and economic development in African cities. The theme for 2015 is ‘2063 Vision for Africa: Which contributions from the African local governments?’ It will explore the local government vision for the next 50 years and creative ways of solving the problems facing cities on the continent.

If you are attending the Africa Cities Summit, consider staying at Abbotsford as transport to Sandton is quick and simple using the Gautrain bus from Abbotsford to the Gautrain Rosebank station and then 1 stop on the Gautrain.

The Africa Cities Summit brings together leaders of local/city governments, representatives from the private sector and trade unions, and researchers and academics to share ideas and experiences, and to discuss local development issues. Above all, the summit will seek to develop a consolidated African position on urbanisation, climate change as well as human habitat in Africa.

africa cities summit

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