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CDE 5-Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care

If you are coming to a CDE 5-Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care at Glenhove Conference Centre from out of town, then Abbotsford House is an ideal venue for accommodation.

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As the map below shows it is a 3 minute journey from Abbotsford House to Glenhove Conference Centre.

Glenhove Conference Centre is located at 52 Glenhove Road.

You can travel directly up or down Glenhove Road depending on whether the traffic is heavy or in peak hour cut across 5th Street into Birdhaven and travel through the Bird Sanctuary along Melrose Street. You then cut in at Athol Oaklands Road and turn off into First Street Abbotsford.

The next CDE 5-Day Advanced Course in Diabetes Care is scheduled for November 2014.

To book at Abbotsford House please call us on 011 713-2000 or 083 625-1665 or email us or book online.

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Other courses offered by CDE include the Diabetes Management Programme (DMP), there is a 3 day course in Diabetes Care as well as an annual post graduate forum for Diabetes Healthcare Practitioners.

The CDE is located in Central Street Houghton on the corner of 11th Avenue. The Centre for Diabetes and Endocrinology (Pty) Ltd (CDE) was established in 1994, with the view to introduce much needed higher levels of care for persons with diabetes mellitus in South Africa.

At that time, diabetes care resources available to South Africans were inadequate, and in addition, diabetes care in the private sector was not appropriately funded by medical aid companies (medical insurers). As a result, diabetes care in general was sub-optimal.

The founder of the CDE, Dr Larry Distiller, a world renowned Endocrinologist specialising in diabetes, had a vision to create an all-encompassing and comprehensive diabetes treatment and management programme, which allowed for the implementation of correct and appropriate diabetes care principles.

The concept of the Diabetes Management Programme was born, developed, and was finally introduced into the South African private healthcare market in 1995. This was groundbreaking stuff – at that time, the concept of managed healthcare was foreign in South Africa, and the idea of ring-fencing, capitating and managing a condition like diabetes was literally out-the-box.

Guest house in Johannesburg

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