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Our latest visitor

Most of our visitors arrive by car or maybe on foot having used the Gautrain or the Gautrain bus. However the newest arrival who came by air is this bird which I have never seen before. He was quite far away when I took this photo and in fact he seemed a lot larger than most other birds – but not of course in the league of the hadedas.

James and Ethel Grey Park

We are situated extremely close to the Bird Sanctuary which adjoins James and Ethel Grey Park so we frequently have really interesting birds in our garden.

The park is a wonderful asset to our area. When Melrose Arch were building the second phase they had to do a huge amount of excavating. They struck a deal with the Joburg council to dump the soil in the park on condition they allocated R5 million to landscaping the park afterwards.

And so we have this amazing green lung just down the road – a very easy walk. The park has several sections and crosses Melrose Street.

On the old side you have a memorial to Polish soldiers. On the other side of the road there is an Acrobranch treetop adventure experience and then when you cross the spruit and walk up the hill you can see a large pond (or little dam/lake) and then when you come to the top you are very close to the Peech Hotel and the road that goes up to the Planet Fitness gym next to the Wanderers Club.

From this section of James and Ethel Grey Park you have a view of the city and a lovely flat area good for picnics or walking around. There is also a children’s play area on the slope that goes down to Melrose street.

This is probably the best kept secret in Johannesburg as a place to come for an outing on a Sunday. It is totally uncommercial.

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