Abbotsford House Guest House

Sandton Hotels

Sandton hotels are plentiful and range from 1 to 5 star. If you prefer a guest house then Abbotsford House is an excellent option as it is only a 6 minute drive from Abbotsford to Sandton at most times of day and we offer excellent quality and service.

One way of getting from Sandton to Abbotsford House is to take the highway but generally we prefer to use RIvonia Road and go past Inanda and the Wanderers golf club and then to cut through past Planet Fitness gym and turn to go past James and Ethel Grey Park and go past the bird sanctuary and then cross the M1 highway and cut into Athol Oaklands Road.

The other route to Sandton and all its shops and hotels is to cross the M1 using the bridge at the Athol Oaklands on and off ramps and to then drive past Melrose Arch and come to Corlett Drive. Cross Corlett Drive and wind through Athol along Central Avenue and then either go right to the top of Central Avenue or turn into 6th street Inanda and turn right at the end of the road and then left into Pretoria Road. You then cut in to Rivonia Road and come to the strip with the Courtyard Hotel, the Hilton Hotel and the Maslow Hotel or you can turn left into Katherine Avenue and that takes you up towards Sandton CIty and the surrounding Garden Court Hotels and the Sandton Sun & Intercontinental Hotels as well as the Michelangelo and Rafael Suites hotels.

Sandton is very built up around the business district which is very convenient if you want shops and to do business in Sandton. However if you prefer peace and tranquility in the suburbs then Abbotsford House is only a very short drive away and offers easy access not only to Sandton but also to Rosebank, Melrose Arch, the Wanderers Club, the Glenhove Conference Centre, the Nelson Mandela Foundation and many highly regarded golf clubs.

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