Abbotsford House Guest House

SASCOC Accommodation

The nearest accommodation to SASCOC is Abbotsford House. SASCOC is located in Athol Oaklands Road just off James & Ethel Grey Park. To get to SASCOC you can use the Gautrain to Rosebank and then take the Melrose Arch bus from the Gautrain Station in Rosebank. The first stop on this bus route is by SASCOC. There is also a SASCOC bus stop on the way back from Melrose Arch to the Gautrain Station in Rosebank on the opposite side of the road.

Guest House in Johannesburg

To get to your accommodation at Abbotsford House from SASCOC walk back to Athol Oaklands Road and cross the road. First Street Abbotsford meets Athol Oaklands Road almost exactly across from the driveway in to SASCOC. Walk down FIrst Street until you get to the last property just before the corner with the stop sign . Abbotsford House guest house accommodation is the house on the right hand side – no 18 First Street, Abbotsford.

SASCOC is the National Olympic Committee of South Africa. Many sports bodies meet at SASCOC.

Guest House in Johannesburg


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