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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for Abbotsford House

An email arrived for Abbotsford House this past week with a link to click through and claim our Certificate Of Excellence for Abbotsfod House. This prompted me to then check the listing for Abbotsford House on TripAdvisor and happily the wording ‘Certificate of Excellence’ is there as an endorsement on our listing on TripAdvisor . The TripAdvisor dots indicate a rating of 4.5 out of a maximum of 5.


This prompted me to do a search of our listings on other major websites. On Agoda we have a rating of 9.7 out of 10.

Guest House in Johannesburg

. On we have a score of 8.4 out of 10

Guest House Johannesburg

and on Air BnB we have 5 stars which is the maximum.

guest house johannesburg

From the website Accommodirect we have received a Best Value Award

accommodirect award jun16This compares to our 3 star rating from the Tourism Grading Council of South Africa.



Guest house Johannesburg

As the company of which I was CEO, founded and used to run the AA Quality Assured rating system in South Africa, this lead me to think about the value of the guest endorsements versus the rating given by TGCSA.

We let the photos do the talking on our own and the other websites on which we are listed. We know how important it is for the guest experience to exceed their expectations.

It does happen that every now and then we mess up, and when we were renovating it was very disheartening to have several unhappy guests. But happily this TripAdvisor endorsement indicates that on the whole, we are exceeding the expectations raised, and this we are delighted to aim to do with every guest who arrives.

Our pricing is in line with our 3 star rating and, as the feedback on the various websites mentioned above attests, offers exceptional value for the overall guest experience.

Will we remain star graded? Overall yes, I like the feedback we get from our assessor. It also provides a standard to aim for if we want to up our game and aim for 4 stars as per the TGCSA. Any other rating system would have to visibly send us lots of guests to justify membership.

But overall we are very glad that the major websites on which we are listed have sent us happy guests who rate us highly.

© 2015 Abbotsford House by Vanessa Sand
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