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What’s on at Linder Auditorium

Linder Auditorium – what’s on

The LInder Auditorium is situated in Parktown on the campus of the WIts University Department of Education. It serves as a concert hall for classical and light classical music.

27 – 28 August Pinchas Zuckerman performs with the JPO
2 September Mandy Weiner interviews the author Joseph Telushkin
20 September Zanne Stapelberg soprano
26 – 28 September – The Strangers Tour
5 October Dream of Gerontius
6 October Buskaid Soweto String Quartet
11 October Georgi Anichencko Cello
8 November Andrei Pisarev Piano
9 November Hollywood Blockbusters
6 – 7 December Christmas with Richard Cock

linder auditorium

What’s on at Linder Auditorium

The Linder Auditorium is a short drive from Abbotsford House. To get there get on to the M1 South and take the Joe Slovo offramp. As you go under the bridge that joins St Johns and Roedean schools veer right and then turn right at the traffic lights into Carse O’ Gowrie. Go up the hill past


What’s On at the Linder Auditorium

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